Exciting Updates in the RM of Rosser: Supporting Development in CentrePort – July 2024

Development continues at a fast pace in the RM of Rosser – here are some recent developments that speak to the community’s commitment to supporting the inland port’s growth:

The South Interlake Planning District (SIPD) is pleased to announce the hiring of a new Building Inspector. This position bolsters SIPD’s capacity to oversee new construction in the Inland Port Special Planning Area (IPSPA).

The Government of Manitoba has engaged Landmark Planning & Design Inc. to undertake a review and proposed renewal of the Inland Port Special Planning Area (IPSPA) development plan and zoning framework. Open houses will be conducted as part of the review to provide opportunity for community input into the process.

CentrePort Partner Contempora Steel Builders has broken ground on the construction of the RM of Rosser’s new Municipal Service Building on Wheatfield Road. This facility, designed to accommodate various municipal divisions, will be at the heart of CentrePort.