CentrePort Boundaries
City of Winnipeg
RM of Rosser
Land Use Designations
Air Serviced Industrial
Business Park
Future Residential
Manufacturing & Logistics
Open Space
Rail Serviced Industrial
Service-Oriented Industrial
Current Zoning
“I1” Walkable, Commercial
Inland Port Rural Zone (R.M. of Rosser)
"I2" Industrial General (R.M. of Rosser)
"I3" Industrial Heavy (R.M. of Rosser)
“A” Agricultural (City of Winnipeg)
“M1-M3 & MMU” Manufacturing (City of Winnipeg)
Water & Wastewater Servicing
Services Installed
Industrial Parks
Exemplar Develop.
South Mollard Industrial Park
Keystone Industrial Park
Aerospace & Air Cargo Campus
BrookPort Business Park
Brookside Business Park
Brookside Industrial Park West
CentrePort Canada Rail Park
West Creek Industrial Park
Inksport Business Park
Murray Industrial Park
Steele Business Park
Sturgeon Road Industrial Park
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