Upcoming changes to Canada Post postal codes in CentrePort North (RM of Rosser lands)

Important notice for all business owners, tenants and residents in CentrePort North.

With the growth being experienced in the CentrePort area, the Rural Municipality of Rosser has received many questions and concerns regarding addressing and receipt of mail, especially to new businesses in the area. This includes courier deliveries and the confusion of a Winnipeg postal code being utilized for mailing purposes within the RM of Rosser.

The RM of Rosser has been working closely with Canada Post to create a new postal code for the Rosser area within the boundaries of the perimeter highway that contain CentrePort lands. Note that this project will utilize community mailboxes currently in place plus the installation of new community mailboxes, in some locations.

The RM of Rosser, in collaboration with Canada Post, distributed a letter to business owners, tenants and residents at the end of July advising them of the upcoming changes. This letter is available here.

Please contact the RM of Rosser Municipal Office directly with inquiries at 204.467.5711.