Request for Proposal: Building Supply Chain Efficiencies for CentrePort and Manitoba Companies

Project Description:
CentrePort Canada Inc. seeks a Business Development Consultant to conduct a targeted outreach campaign with Manitoba companies, particularly those impacted by supply chain disruptions. As companies recover from the pandemic, there are options for shortening and securing supply chains by reshoring activities and enhancing clusters of activity.

The campaign will focus on companies within the priority sectors of advanced manufacturing and value-added agri-business. After conducting an outreach strategy and engagement plan with Manitoba companies, the Business Development Consultant will identify suppliers and main customers for the purposes of attracting them to Manitoba, and ideally to CentrePort Canada. The Consultant will also ensure local companies are able to gain access to emerging development opportunities at the growing inland port project through the CentrePort Canada Partnership Program.

Project Rationale:
Companies have been struggling to recover from the pandemic and current supply chain disruptions have continued to provide challenges – many companies are evaluating their supply chains and are placing enhanced importance on maintaining and enhancing their North American supply chains. Covid exposed the fragility of international economic arrangements and business relationships, leading to companies focusing their efforts on cultivating domestic capacities in their supply chain activities; a shift is occurring from lowest cost strategies to risk and disruption mitigation which is driving facilities closer to suppliers and resources; there is an increased need for flexible supply chains with multiple modes of transportation; and, companies are shifting from a “just-in-time” inventory strategy to a “just-in-case” supply chain strategy and models that require “safety stock”.

This project will help companies to grow and expand their supply chains in Manitoba, resulting in increased economic activity and job creation.

Project Deliverables:
• Prepare outreach engagement strategy
• Conduct targeted outreach to identified companies within priority sectors (minimum 25 per year)
• Prepare list of priority suppliers
• Conduct targeted outreach to priority suppliers (minimum 25 per year)
• Work with the CentrePort Canada team to support the attraction of new companies to the inland port (success is minimum of 2 new companies over project period)
• Prepare progress reports quarterly per template provided
• Prepare final report

Project Timelines:
All work must be complete by March 31, 2024, including submission of the final report.

The successful consultant will enter into an agreement with CentrePort Canada Inc. that outlines the specific terms of the engagement including required deliverables. The consultant will be paid in equal monthly instalments, upon invoice.

Proposal Requirements:

  • Background and relevant experience
  • Proposed fee for service (monthly)
  • References

Please submit proposals by July 8, 2022, to:

Full RFP Available Here

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