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Room to Grow in Rosser: Reeve Smee Explains Why

Business is booming at CentrePort! Nowhere is that more true than in the 11,000 acres of CentrePort that lies within the Rural Municipality of Rosser.

Reeve Frances Smee, R.M. of Rosser

Frances Smee, Reeve of the R.M. of Rosser, believes that Rosser is contributing to the boom. “We have a competitive advantage allowing us to do things faster and better.”

Strong relationships are a key factor in the R.M. of Rosser’s ability to stay nimble and flexible throughout the development process. By working closely with the Inland Port Special Planning Authority, a dedicated planning resource for CentrePort North, and the South Interlake Planning District, the R.M. of Rosser is able to make turnaround times attractive to developers and provide a customized approach to development. “We create relationships that would not be possible in larger bureaucracies,” says Smee.

Since the inland port’s inception in 2009, the collaborative relationship between CentrePort Canada and the R.M. of Rosser has been instrumental in driving forward a larger vision for industrial development in the area. “In the beginning, we knew getting involved was an opportunity that doesn’t come along every day,” says Smee. “We committed then, and because our developers believed in us, we were able to fast track the infrastructure build-out.”
This commitment to a purposeful infrastructure build-out and a development-friendly approach has been key to laying the foundation for today’s construction activity.

In addition to this approach to decision-making, benefits to locating in the area include access to tri-modal transportation options, available fully-serviced industrial land and existing infrastructure that supports future growth.

Over the last year, many new companies have opted to expand their operations or establish new facilities in the R.M. of Rosser. In Brookside Business Park, new faces include Lowry Manufacturing & Sales, Fairview Fittings, Highway Motor Freight and J&R Hall Transport. In Brookside Industrial Park West Phase III, 11 new companies have opened their doors in 2020 or are in the process of finalizing construction. These companies include Cosentino Surfaces, Medline Industries, 49 North Lubricants, Groupe Touchette and Major Drilling among others.

This rapid pace of development shows no signs of slowing down. In 2019, Whiteland Developers brought Phase I of BrookPort Business Park to market and the 80 acres of fully serviced land sold out in less than a year. Rapid land sales in Phase I triggered the development of Phase II, which was brought to market in June 2020, bringing the total land under development in BrookPort Business Park to 160 acres. Soon the area will be home to more than 20 new companies.

The R.M. of Rosser’s long term vision, collaborative approach and ability to quickly respond to company needs sets them apart and is paving the way for significant growth in the municipality. “In Rosser, we believe that strong relationships are vital to success,” says Smee. “We operate from a basic principle of fairness to create win/win/win situations for developers, our community and Manitoba. We really are open for business.”

Reeve Frances Smee, R.M. of Rosser, believes strong relationships are vital to the success of the businesses choosing to locate at CentrePort.

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